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DEHN PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
DEHN protects in case of an arc fault

Passive arc fault protection with DEHNcare

Everyone in the branch is familiar with PPE, personal protective equipment. It is common knowledge that is offers reliable protection against electric shock. Arc faults, however, whilst being less familiar are a lot more dangerous. These arise without warning with an explosive pressure wave and reach temperatures of over 10,000°C.

PPE can help to minimise or even prevent life-threatening injuries here, too. The complete protective ensemble consists of a jacket and trousers or a coat, gloves, safety shoes and head gear with visor. All the materials must be flame-retardant and heat-resistant, have an insulating effect and leave no skin uncovered.

Remember: unwieldy and badly fitting protective clothing is itself a potential accident hazard. Besides being more comfortable for your personnel, well-fitting garments also prevent accidents.


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