At the end of 2017, the DEHN Test Centre was awarded an accreditation certificate by the Deutsche Akkreditierungstelle, DAkkS (German accreditation body) providing further objective proof of the quality and competency of its testing.

Following the application phase, DEHN succeeded in demonstrating its competency in the multi-stage accreditation procedure and is now entitled to carry the DAkkS symbol for the next five years until the accreditation is due for renewal. Meanwhile DEHN will be monitored by DAkkS on a regular basis.

It is mandatory that only calibrated and approved testing equipment is employed. All testing must be done using state-of-the-art methods. This verifies that the DEHN Test Centre has both the necessary technical prerequisites and the expertise to conduct tests according to DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025.

In the DEHN Test Centre tests are conducted on:

  • lightning protection components,
  • surge protective devices,
  • complete systems.

Tests and their results are documented in test reports marked with the internationally recognised accreditation symbol. This means that you can rely on maximum confidentially and independence. 

UL (Underwriters Latoratories) ist die größte und bekannteste Zertifizierungsstelle in Nordamerika. 

Um ein UL Prüfzeichen zu erhalten sind in der Regel Prüfungen an Produkten durchzuführen. Prüfungen, welche. im Rahmen des Third Party Test Data Programm (TPTDP) im DEHN Test Centre durchgeführt wurden, werden von UL anerkannt. 

Für weitere Informationen zu den UL und CSA Normen die im TPTDP-Scope enthalten sind, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte. 


Im IECEE CB Scheme hat das DEHN Test Centre den Status eines CTF (Client Test Facility) Stage 3.

DEKRA Zertifikat
VDE Zertifikat
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